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The White Princess

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Genres : Series | Drama

Release Date : Apr 16,2017

Language : English

Total Episodes : 8

Ratings: 9.2 / 10 from 4 users

The story of Elizabeth of York, the White Queen's daughter, and her marriage to the Lancaster victor, Henry VII. Based on the Philippa Gregory book of the same name.

Latest EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 8 - Old Curses (Jun 04,2017)

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Episode 8 - Old Curses 4 Links 2017-06-04
Episode 07 4 Links 2017-05-28
Episode 6 4 Links 2017-05-21
Episode 5 - Traitors 4 Links 2017-05-14
Episode 4 - The Pretender 4 Links 2017-05-07
Episode 03 - Burgundy 4 Links 2017-04-30
Episode 02 - Hearts And Minds 4 Links 2017-04-23
Episode 01 - In Bed With The Enemy 14 Links 2017-04-16

Series Parental Guide

nudity The series frequently contains mature content, including sex scenes. Male and female nudity is full in some cases, and women usually wear provocative dresses, especially as a rebellious gesture. Parental guidance is advised under 15.
violence Throughout the episodes, there are battle scenes depicting blood and violence. Executions also take place and may not be suitable for sensitive audiences. Some characters experience nightmares that can be quite frightening to some audiences, and supernatural scenes are frequent. One scene depicts a beheaded man and his two children, which may not be suitable for an audience under the age of 15 due to the graphical depiction.
profanity Fruqent uses of profanities like "bastard", "whore" and the characters talk about the processes of sexual intercourse. A character sends a letter to another, claiming that her son "sticks it in the wrong hole". This is played for laughs.
alcohol Scenes where Alcohol is present and consumed are regular in every episode. No smoking scenes are present, albeit there are scenes where natural drugs are brought in to be consumed. Episode One depicts an example on this, where a character smuggles a poisonous plant to kill her unborn child. Other scenes depict drugs for supernatural reasons.
frightening Flashing images and supernatural or sinister scenes are usual. Blood and violence is presence. Parental Guidance is advised for those 15 and under.

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