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Stranger Things

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Genres : Series | Drama | Fantasy | Horror

Release Date : Jul 15,2016

Language : English

Total Episodes : 26

Ratings: 7.6 / 10 from 152 users

When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces, and one strange little girl.

Latest EpisodeSeason 3 Episode 8 - Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt (Jul 04,2019)


Series Parental Guide

nudity Overall, there isn't any nudity in the series, and only occasional references to sex, with teenagers making out, but no onscreen depictions of having sex. The Sheriff makes infrequent jokes about sleeping with other people's wives and mothers. It is implied that he has had past sexual relationships with several different women. A main character is shamed for having cheated on her boyfriend even though she really has not. Season 1 Episode 2: Sheriff Hopper is shown getting out of bed presumably naked after an implied encounter with a woman who also appears to be naked under the sheets. Later, they have a conversation while she is dressed only in a shirt. Episode 3: A teenager is pressured into having sex with her boyfriend. The teen girl is shown undressing to her underwear while her boyfriend watches. Then the scene cuts to them in bed kissing frantically and pressing against each other.
violence There are many disturbing and violent scenes involving an alien monster. However, while these scenes are frightening, they are typically handled in a PG-13 manner. There are scenes involving copious amounts of blood splatter after people have been killed in an attack, but not the attack itself is not shown. Government agents menace the main characters and at one point kill an innocent man by shooting him in the head and faking his suicide. The shooting itself is not shown, but the aftermath is shown and is somewhat graphic. Season 1 The story frequently puts children in peril from the alien monster and government agents. On several occasions, viewers are led to believe that children have been killed off screen. In one instance, a main character turns out to be still alive. However, one young character dies after a monster attack. She is dragged away and shown later to have been used as a food source by the parasitic monster. The alien monster is shown graphically eating a deer it has killed at one point. Episode 8:A young girl accidentally snaps the necks of two agents using her telekinetic powers. Later, she kills an entire group of agents causing their eyes to bleed in a disturbing fashion before their bodies buckle to the floor. In the final act, the monster is attacked with all manner of weapons. It is clubbed repeatedly with a bat with nails, caught in a bear trap, shot repeatedly with various weapons, and set on fire. It is eventually destroyed by the sacrificial act of a main character, which causes them both to vaporize in a cloud of black matter.
profanity Occasional use of foul language, including hell, dammit, bastard, the S-word, the B-word, d-bag and a--hole. The word "screw" is used several times in the place of the F-word. Some minors insult each other using racist or sexist language such as "pussy" or describing an African American boy as "midnight".
alcohol The series includes high school teens drinking alcohol recklessly at a party while their parents aren't home. Some characters frequently smoke.
frightening The series centers on a boy who has been kidnapped by a mysterious creature and includes many scenes of high-tension, scary scene involved a nightmare-like landscape called the "upside down" and there are occasional jump-scares. The creatures can be frightening to younger audiences. Season 1 Episode 3: A character is attacked by a monster. Episode 8: The confrontation with the monster is very intense. Official Rating: TV-14 Suggested MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence including bloody and scary images, thematic material, bullying, language, some sexual content, smoking and teen drinking.

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