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Genres : Series | Drama

Release Date : Jan 22,2010

Language : English

Total Episodes : 33

Ratings: 7.1 / 10 from 98 users

Spartacus is an American television series inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who from 73 to 71 BCE led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic departing from Capua.

Latest EpisodeSeason 3 Episode 10 - Victory (Apr 12,2013)

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Series Parental Guide

nudity This show contains strong violence, strong graphic sexual content and nudity and language. In almost every episode there is full frontal nudity from both men and women, although, mostly merkins (fake pubic hair) covers the lower region on women and prosthetics (fake penis) cover the lower region on men. There are a lot of sex scenes with thrusting, kissing and moaning. Some scenes take place in public. In an orgy scene, women are shown anally penetrating men using strap-on dildos. Both men and women are shown being anally raped. The show contains rape scenes such as Romans raping their slaves. We clearly see the slaves in pain during the rape, this can be disturbing.
violence Very strong violence! During gladiator fights, people are killed in numerous ways by getting their throat slashed, decapitated, limbs severed, disembowled and more. Blood and gore sprays during these scenes. There are also some gruesome scenes during gladiator trainings. People are beaten down, blood spraying and some are whipped. There is also some brutal hand to hand combat, especially in season 1 episode 4. During the rebellion, there are countless fights where people are killed by being slashed, stabbed, impaled and so on. This often happens in slow motion while blood and gore spray. Some gruesome scenes: S1, E4: A man eyes are gouged out and he is then strangled to death. Very brutal S1, E7: A man is thrown of a cliff to his death. We see him hit the rocks below, splashing blood everywhere. S1, E8: A man is stabbed through the back of the head. We see the swords coming out of his mouth. Very bloody. S1, E9: A woman slams another womans head on a marble floor 9 times. Blood sprays and afterwards her face is completely destroyed and we can see her brain a little. S1, E10: A man is decapitated as two men wrap chains around his neck and pull. We see the man struggle and blood coming out of his mouth before his head is separated from his body. S1, E11, A man is disambowled and then has his face crushed by a mans foot. S2, E1, A man's stomach is cut open and his small intestine is twisted. Graphic and disturbing. S2, E2, A man is implied to be beaten to death. We see a man punch him and the screen blacks out, and we later see his bloody corpse. S2, E2, A torture scene in which a man's tongue and pieces of his flesh are cut off in front of a crowd of people at a party. His stomach is then cut open and he bleeds to death. S2, E5, A mans stomach is slashed and we see his guts fall out. S2, E6. A house is massacred. We see slaves being killed in numerous ways, neck snapping, throat slashing and so on. We even see a child getting slashed across the stomach. Very graphic and disturbing S2, E7, A man's face is hacked off with a sword and his brain falls out of his skull. Very gory. S2, E8, A man snaps another mans neck. He turns the head 180 degrees. Very disturbing S2, E9, A woman who is standing at a bath has her throat slashed. Blood sprays everywhere and the water turns red. S2, E10: A man shoves a sword down another man's throat. We see blood coming out of his mouth and see him struggling to breathe before he dies. Very bloody. Season 3 has too much to mention. We're not even gonna bother putting it here.
profanity Profanity is constantly uttered throughout the series. "Fuck" is said constantly, both sexual and non sexual. "Cunt, "Cock" and "Shit" is said very often. "Ass", Whore", "Bitch" is used also Spartacus only swears three times during the whole series. He says "Cock" once and "Shit" twice.
alcohol Recurrent wine drinking. We see drunk people sometimes. Opium is used sometimes.
frightening This show is extremely intense and strong throughout. The amount of graphic violence and explicit sex can make viewing this show difficult for some people. Those who can't stand either sexuality or violence should most likely avoid Spartacus. There are certain moments that are dramatic, tragic, and intense.

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