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Paranoia Agent

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Release Date : Feb 03,2004

Language : English

Total Episodes : 13

Ratings: 7.7 / 10 from 28 users

A baseball bat-wielding adolescent randomly attacks five people in Tokyo, each of whom is grappling with a serious problem. Toy designer Tsukiko endures tremendous pressure to repeat her previous success; bottom-feeding journalist Kawazu desperately needs money. Popular sixth grader Yuuichi feels threatened by the new kid in his class, the dumpy nerd Usshi. Yuuichi's tutor Harumi is a compassionate scholar by day; at night, she becomes Maria, a sleazy hooker. The seemingly purposeless violence of Lil' Slugger (originally Shounen Bat, literally "Bat Boy"), also disrupts the lives of police detectives Maniwa and Karino, and their corrupt boss Hirukawa. As he did in Perfect Blue, Kon deliberately blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy: Does Tsukikio's stuffed toy really talk to her? Which is Harumi's true personality? Seemingly unconnected citizens of Tokyo are targeted for bludgeoning by a boy with a golden baseball bat. As detectives try to link the victims, they discover that following the assaults, the victims' lives have improved in some way. Paranoia Agent is a Japanese anime television series created by director Satoshi Kon and produced by Madhouse about a social phenomenon in Musashino, Tokyo caused by a juvenile serial assailant named Lil' Slugger. The plot relays between a large cast of people affected in some way by the phenomenon; usually Lil' Slugger's victims or the detectives assigned to apprehend him. As each character becomes the focus of the story, details are revealed about their secret lives and the truth about Lil' Slugger. The series first aired on Japan's WOWOW between February 2, 2004 and May 18, 2004. A series of four English dubbed and subtitled DVDs produced by New Generation Pictures were released in North America and Europe between October 26, 2004 and May 10, 2005 distributed by Geneon. A UMD version of Volume 1 was made available on October 10, 2005. The English dubbed version began airing in the U.S. on Adult Swim on May 28, 2005 followed by an encore airing that began on June 6, 2006. In Canada, it began a run on the digital channel G4TechTV Canada on July 27, 2007, at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Latest EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 13 - Final Episode (May 18,2004)

Season 1














Episode 13 - Final Episode 5 Links 2004-05-18
Episode 12 - Radar Man 5 Links 2004-05-11
Episode 11 - Entry Forbidden 4 Links 2004-04-27
Episode 10 - Mellow Maromi 5 Links 2004-04-20
Episode 9 - ETC 5 Links 2004-04-13
Episode 8 - Happy Family Planning 5 Links 2004-06-04
Episode 7 - MHz 5 Links 2004-03-23
Episode 6 - Fear of a Direct Hit 5 Links 2004-03-16
Episode 5 - The Holy Warrior 4 Links 2004-03-09
Episode 4 - A Man's Path 5 Links 2004-02-24
Episode 3 - Double Lips 5 Links 2004-02-17
Episode 2 - The Golden Shoes 4 Links 2004-02-10
Episode 1 - Enter Lil' Slugger 4 Links 2004-02-03

Series Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 There is no actual sex, but a fair amount of nudity and sexual themes Episode 1: In one scene, we see children watching a pornographic picture on a computer. The photo is shown in the foreground, and we briefly see a naked girl naked (breasts and crotch shown for a second). Episode 3: The whole episode focused on a prostitute. At the beginning of the episode, we feel strong cries of a man who has sex with a prostitute. At the end we see them naked on the bed. we clearly see the woman's breast. A prostitute calls a man after having sex with another man. Sex is implied. A prostitute is called by a person who tells her that she must have sex with another man and that's it. his client has sex with her (implicit). Episode 4: A man receiving oral sex from a prostitute. A man puts his hand on the butt of a stripper. Episode 6: A little girl discovers that her father keeps pictures of her. The father takes them with a video camera that he has hidden in the room.
violence 8/10 Violence is generally offscreen, but a bloody bat is often seen during the attacks and globs of blood occasionally spray on the floor. Episode 1: A woman falls violently to the ground. A child dressed as baseball hitting a woman with a baseball bat. (partially implicit) A man falls violently to the ground. A child dressed as baseball hitting a man with a baseball bat. (partially implicit) Episode 2: A boy is psychologically tortured by his companions, who believe he is shonen bat. The scenes are of great impact. A boy threatens another guy weaker Shonen bat hitting a boy and sends him into a coma. (quite implicit) It's implied that Shonen Bat has hit another boy and sent him into a coma. Episode 3: A sick woman fights against his personality prostitute wanders the streets shouting and throwing himself to the ground. Shonen Bat hits her and she faints. (partially implicit). Episode 4: A bit of violence in manga. A man owes money to some people, then begins to steal into the street. Very often sweeps, drops, or beating those who want to rob. He wants to rob a family: binds them and threatens them with a knife. A strong scene. Episode 5: a bit 'of violence in a medieval tale. Episode 6: A man shakes an old woman. a girl is hit violently by shonen bat Episode 7: Two policemen approach the prison where he was held a character, and they find him in a pool of blood. Is passed by suicide, but the viewer knows that it was Shonen Bat Next, we see Shonen Bat with his bloody baseball bat, which disappears
profanity 6/10 Occasional use of "shit", "goddamn", "asshole", "damn", "hell", "bitch", and other mild to moderate profanity in the English dub.
alcohol 8/10 Some drug use, and casual smoking and drinking.
frightening 10/10 As this series is a psychological thriller, it has many intense and potentially frightening scenes, the deeper meaning of which would likely be lost on adolescent viewers. The latter half of the series is generally much darker. The controversial eighth episode, "Happy Family Planning", follows three individuals, including a little girl, as they cheerfully and flippantly attempt suicide multiple times. A man who has thrown himself in front of a train is shown walking around mangled. One particular scene in which the characters attempt to hang themselves in the woods has elicited much concern and has been censored by some networks. The tenth episode, "Mellow Maromi", deals heavily with murder. The bodies of several workers at an animation studio who have been killed at their desks are shown in great detail and for relatively lengthy stretches of time as the Maromi mascot breaks the fourth wall and tells viewers their job description. Recommended for ages 17 and older.

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