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Watch Series N.Y.P.D. Blue Season 7 Episode 22 - The Last Round Up Online


N.Y.P.D. Blue

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Genres : Series | Drama

Release Date : May 23,2000

Language : English

Total Episodes : 260

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IAB is closing in on Jill. Jill explains the leverage Don has over her. Andy stays by Theo's side as he undergoes tests to determine if he has cancer. Changes are made in the department as fallout over Jill's ex-husband.


Episode Info

Episode Description : Sorenson stops by the hospital waiting room and tells Sipowicz that the Kirkendall situation is heating up. Fancy talks with Russell about Kirkendall's situation. He tells her that the job knows. Medavoy has an accident in the kitchen with the refrigerator door. Diane and Jill have a loud discussion and Diane tells her that she is out of time. Jill leaves, taking her last "lost time" ever. Theo undergoes his bone marrow test while Medavoy and Jones commiserate about the fact that they sometimes don't feel included in all the activity going on around the squad. Sorenson meets with Sipowicz at the hospital, to find out how Theo is doing and to ask advice about the mechanics of disposing of a body if the need arose, not that he is looking for that solution to the Don Kirkendall situation. Russell meets with Denby and she spots that IAB is following him. Theo results come in; he may have leukemia or his bone marrow may just have shut down temporarily as a result of a virus. Sorenson meets

Series Info

Series Description : Awards: Won 4 Golden Globes. Another 81 wins & 201 nominations. ,

Series Storyline : The gritty details of life as a member of a New York City police unit. Detectives from NYPD's 15th squad investigate homicides within there precinct. An Emmy award winning series. NYPD Blue is an American television police drama set in New York City, exploring the internal and external struggles of the fictional 15th precinct of Manhattan. Each episode typically intertwined several plots involving an ensemble cast. The show was created by Steven Bochco and David Milch and was inspired by Milch's relationship with Bill Clark, a former member of the New York City Police Department who eventually became one of the show's producers. The series was broadcast on the ABC network from its debut on September 21, 1993‚ and aired its final episode on March 1, 2005. It remains ABC's longest-running primetime one-hour drama series. In 1997, "True Confessions", written by Art Monterastelli and directed by Charles Haid was ranked #36 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time. In 2009, TV Guide ranked Hearts and Souls, Jimmy Smits' final episode written by Steven Bochco, David Milch, Bill Clark, and Nicholas Wootton and directed by Paris Barclay, #30 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time.