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Marvel's Iron Fist

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Genres : Series | Adventure | Action | Crime

Release Date : Mar 17,2017

Language : English

Total Episodes : 13

Ratings: 6.82 / 10 from 115 users

Danny Rand resurfaces 15 years after being presumed dead. Now, with the power of the Iron Fist, he seeks to reclaim his past and fulfill his destiny.

Latest EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 13 - Dragon Plays with Fire (Mar 17,2017)


Series Parental Guide

nudity Episode 7: A man and a woman have sex with visible thrusting before the camera cuts away.
violence 8//10 Episode 1: Some fist punching and kicking. Episode 2: Three thugs attack Danny and beat him up, before he fights back and knocks them all out. Episode 3: A young boy is beaten with sticks my three men. A men kneels on glass. Episode 4: A man is sliced through the head with a sword. We see this in detail with lots of blood. Episode 5: A man is stabbed, and we see the wound and his entire chest covered in blood in great detail. A man is stabbed through the head with a sword; we see the sword come out through his mouth along with a lot of blood draining from him. Episode 6: A decapitated head is shown stung on a pike. Episode 7: A man cuts off his own finger (camera cuts away before we see the action). A kills two men with a knife, one by stabbing and one by slitting his throat (all shown in detail), then later smashes in their heads with a hammer in great, close up detail; their bodies are later dumped in a river. A man stabs his father to death (very bloody). Episode 8: Danny continually beats a man's face until he is made stop. Several people are stabbed and die. Episode 9: A man murders his assistant by continually bashing his head in with a metal object. Blood splashes onto the murder's face as he does it, and we see the back of the corpse's head with visible bone protruding. Episode 10: A man is shot point blank in the head, with blood spraying behind him and visible detail. A man kicks another man's leg in so that it breaks. A man is stabbed in the chest. Episode 11: A woman stitches a man's large, protruding wound with stables (we hear him scream out and there is lots of blood). Episode 12: A woman is shot in the chest. A man is stabbed twice: once in the chest, once in the heart.
profanity Nothing too strong until series 1, ep.13, time 46.16. "asshole", "damn", "shit", "bullshit", and "effed up" are used.
alcohol The illegal smuggling of heroine is a main theme. Episode 1: Danny finds a dead homeless man with a needle in his arm, presumably after he has just OD-ed. Episode 2: Danny is taken into a psychiatric hospital where pills are forced down his throat.

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