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Watch Series Mad Season 3 Episode 3 - Battleship vs. Titanic / Jurassic Parks and Rec Online



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Genres : Series | Comedy | Animation

Release Date : Jun 11,2012

Language : English

Total Episodes : 53

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Thanks to 3-D technology, the RMS Titanic is able avoid the iceberg only to encounter with a hostel alien battleship. Rose and Jack are greeted by Adm. Shane who briefs them on the threat and attempts to prepare for battle. Since the Titanic is a luxury cruise ship they decide to use the women and children as ammunition by catapulting them, but their firing range is too short. So Jack decides to draw sketches of everybody, allowing the aliens to take over the ship's rear. Adm. Shane decides to active the ship's emergency separation mechanism to save the rest, only to cause the inevitable sinking. Later, Jack and Rose are left to drift clinging to a piece of wood. Rose states to the wood she will never let go, and the wood knocks Jack aside. Lt. Hopper surfaces begging to be saved so he can star in John Carter: The Gods of Mars. In the present, an elderly Rose recounts the story to her children explaining how she met their father - one of the aliens. / Leslie Knope unveils Pawnee Park's newest project to include a new dinosaur zoological park to compete with rival Eagleton. However, when Andy decides to save money by not putting locks on all the cages, all the dinosaurs run amok over the park. With most of the staff devoured by the carnivores, Knope hold a meeting to address the issue. Only for the meeting to be crashed by a velociraptor who sets his sights on Knope. Before he can attack, he is devoured by a Tyrannosaurus carrying director Ron Swanson. / Also: Madvent Calendar, Bad Idea, Swisster, Waiting for the Cool Bus, Alfred E. Newman Presidential Campaign Ad., Fat Man Buys a Magic Carpet, Sheriff Robo Boba Lobo, Spy vs. Spy, "Hey, whatever happened to that kid from that TV show I kinda remember from when I was a kid"?, and Anamorphic Food Fight


Series Info

Series Storyline : Mad is an American animated sketch comedy series created by Kevin Shinick and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Based upon the magazine of the same name, each episode is a collection of short animated parodies of television shows, movies, games, celebrities, and other media using various types of animation instead of the usual animation style that Warner Bros. Animation is known for. The series premiered on the evening of September 6, 2010 on Cartoon Network. It has been described as a "kid-friendly version of Robot Chicken".