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Watch Series Mad Season 2 Episode 17 - WWE Bought a Zoo / 2 Broke Powerpuff Girls Online



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Genres : Series | Comedy | Animation

Release Date : Jan 30,2012

Language : English

Total Episodes : 53

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Benjamin Mee buys a local zoo for his family, but the zoo is immediately seized by wrestlers from the WWE. They begin to train the animals to be wrestlers for an upcoming WWF match. However, the match proves to be more successful than the human version causing the human wrestlers to become unemployed. / Following the permanent hiatus of The Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles and Buttercup attempt to make it on their own by getting a job at Him's dinner, but their inability to properly wait on customers cause them to get fired by Him. They then attempt at pan handling, but fail to make rent forcing them to be evicted from their apartment by Mojo Jojo. With nowhere else to turn, the girls return to their successful sister Blossom and admit that she was the backbone of the team. They end up getting hired at a diner that is owned by Blossom./ Other Sketches: Mad News, Death's Final Stop, Final Brantasy, Psych Psych Out, Rejected Smurfs, Spy vs. Spy, ThunderPants, and Snowman Drinks Some Coffee


Series Info

Series Storyline : Mad is an American animated sketch comedy series created by Kevin Shinick and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Based upon the magazine of the same name, each episode is a collection of short animated parodies of television shows, movies, games, celebrities, and other media using various types of animation instead of the usual animation style that Warner Bros. Animation is known for. The series premiered on the evening of September 6, 2010 on Cartoon Network. It has been described as a "kid-friendly version of Robot Chicken".