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How The Earth Works

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Genres : TV Shows | Documentary

Release Date : Oct 09,2013

Language : English

Total Episodes : 8

Ratings: 10 / 10 from 1 users

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Hosts Liz Bonin and Martin Pepper set out on explorations of some of the most provocative questions facing earth science today. They’ll get down and dirty to find out how geologic events in Hawaii could wipe out LA. Could another volcanic eruption in Iceland shut down our airways? Could the continued growth of Mt. Everest start World War III? In their search for answers, they’ll reveal how the Earth works. Geologist Martin Pepper and Biologist Liz Bonnin investigate world history in a unique way: By exploring different parts of the world known for historic events and cataclysmic disasters, as... Biologist Liz Bonnin and geologist Martin Pepper set out on a global expedition to answer the most thought-provoking questions in earth science today. Throughout history, such geologic events as volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tectonic plate motion, earthquakes, and asteroid impacts have continually reshaped Earth's surface, spreading chaos across the planet. By performing experiments, making observations in the field, and consulting expert scientists, the eight-part series works to uncover Earth's immeasurable capacity to create and destroy.

Latest EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 8 - Japanese Death Match (Nov 27,2013)

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Episode 4 - Will Hawaii Sink L.A.? 3 Links 2013-10-30
Episode 3 - Will Iceland Poison the... 3 Links 2013-10-23

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