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Game Of Thrones

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Genres : Series | Drama | Adventure | Fantasy | Adults

Release Date : Jun 14,2015

Language : English

Total Episodes : 104

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Stannis assaults Winterfell. Sansa and Theon wind up on a troublesome circumstance. Arya challenges the numerous face god. Daenerys is encompassed by colleagues. Jaime and Myrcella leave Dorne. Cersei admits. Sam goes to oldtown to wind up the new maester. Jon gets news about his uncle Benjen.


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Episode Description :

Stannis touches base at Winterfell. Tyrion runs Meereen as Daario and Jorah follow Daenerys. Jaime and Myrcella leave Dorne. Jon sends Sam and Gilly to Oldtown. Arya challenges the Many-Faced God. Cersei admits her transgressions.


Series Info

Series Description :

While a common war blends between a few respectable families in Westeros, the offspring of the previous leaders of the area endeavor to ascend to control. In the mean time an overlooked race, bowed on pulverization, arrangements to return after a large number of years in the North.

Series Storyline :

In the legendary mainland of Westeros, a few effective families battle for control of the Seven Kingdoms. As struggle emits in the kingdoms of men, an old adversary rises by and by to undermine every one of them. In the interim, the last beneficiaries of an as of late usurped administration plot to reclaim their country from over the Narrow Sea.