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Watch Series Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 04 - Sons of the Harpy Online


Game Of Thrones

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Genres : Series | Drama | Adventure | Fantasy | Adults

Release Date : May 03,2015

Language : English

Total Episodes : 104

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Jorah Mormont takes a watercraft to explore with his hostage, Tyrion. On board a dealer boat, Jaime and Bronn sail to Dorne to safeguard Myrcella. The Iron Bank is charging their credit and Cersei sends an agent of the Small Council to arrange with the brokers. She then has a meeting with the High Sparrow and gives an armed force and energy to his supporters to kill the capital's heathens, including the benefactors of Littlefinger's whorehouse, and Ser Loras Tyrell, the sibling of Margaery. Tommen and his Kingsguard are gazed around the Faith Militant, and the lord declines to battle his way to the Tyrell knight. The baffled Margaery walks out on him to stay with her family. Stannis Baratheon arrangements to make a beeline for Winterfell before the snow. Jon Snow is summoning nobles to help the Night's Watch with men and supplies and he has an issue with the name of the Bolton family. Melisandre tries to entice Jon Snow, however he opposes the allurement and does not break his promises. Shireen, anxious at Castle


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Jorah Mormont sets sail close by his detainee, Tyrion. Cersei makes a move against the Tyrells. Jaime and Bronn sneak into Dorne. Ellaria and the Sand Snakes make their arrangements. Melisandre entices Jon. The Harpies assault.


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While a common war blends between a few respectable families in Westeros, the offspring of the previous leaders of the area endeavor to ascend to control. In the mean time an overlooked race, bowed on pulverization, arrangements to return after a large number of years in the North.

Series Storyline :

In the legendary mainland of Westeros, a few effective families battle for control of the Seven Kingdoms. As struggle emits in the kingdoms of men, an old adversary rises by and by to undermine every one of them. In the interim, the last beneficiaries of an as of late usurped administration plot to reclaim their country from over the Narrow Sea.