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Watch Series Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 07 - You Win or You Die Online


Game Of Thrones

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Genres : Series | Drama | Adventure | Fantasy | Adults

Release Date : May 29,2011

Language : English

Total Episodes : 104

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Ned defies Cersei about her kids however she rejects his affirmations. The leader of the Lannister group advises his child Jaime to be a pioneer and sends him to safeguard Tyrion. Ros, the whore from Winterfell starts working for Littlefinger in King's Landing. At the divider, a riderless steed having a place with Jon Snow's uncle Benjen comes back to the divider. Jon takes his promises as a Night's Watchman however is disillusioned to not having been named a Ranger but rather Sam sees it in an unexpected way. Ruler Robert is harmed while out hog chasing with his sibling. He knows he won't survive and names Ned Lord Regent until Joffrey becomes an adult. Realizing that Joffrey is not Robert's child, he feels Robert's sibling ought to succeed him however Littlefinger insight's generally. A wine merchant tries to harm Daenerys and Drogo guarantees to put their child on the throne of the Seven Kingdoms.


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Episode Description :

Robert has been harmed while chasing and is biting the dust. Jon and the others at last take their promises to the Night's Watch. A man, sent by Robert, is caught for attempting to harm Daenerys. Angry, Drogo pledges to assault the Seven Kingdoms.


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Series Description :

While a common war blends between a few respectable families in Westeros, the offspring of the previous leaders of the area endeavor to ascend to control. In the mean time an overlooked race, bowed on pulverization, arrangements to return after a large number of years in the North.

Series Storyline :

In the legendary mainland of Westeros, a few effective families battle for control of the Seven Kingdoms. As struggle emits in the kingdoms of men, an old adversary rises by and by to undermine every one of them. In the interim, the last beneficiaries of an as of late usurped administration plot to reclaim their country from over the Narrow Sea.