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Watch Series Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 04 - Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things Online


Game Of Thrones

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Genres : Series | Drama | Adventure | Fantasy | Adults

Release Date : May 08,2011

Language : English

Total Episodes : 104

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Ned starts to investigate the demise of his ancestor and guide John Arryn. He discovers that Arryn was keen on a specific book furthermore gone to a neighborhood metal forger known for making quality arms. There he meets somebody entirely fascinating. At the northern divider, Jon becomes a close acquaintence with Samwell Tarly an overweight, blundering young fellow whose father gave him the decision of joining the Night's Watch or biting the dust in a chasing 'mischance'. Sam is the object of hatred from different students and their educator. Jon makes it clear that no damage will come him. Sansa is still not addressing her dad after he was compelled to slaughter her wolf. She is planning to end up Queen sometime in the not so distant future. Her sister Arya then is taking sword battling lessons and considers herself to be a knight. Over the Narrow Sea, Daenerys shields herself when her sibling Vyseris slaps her making it clear that she also can practice some power.


Episode Info

Episode Description :

Eddard explores Jon Arryn's homicide. Jon becomes friends with Samwell Tarly, a defeatist who has come to join the Night's Watch.


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Series Description :

While a common war blends between a few respectable families in Westeros, the offspring of the previous leaders of the area endeavor to ascend to control. In the mean time an overlooked race, bowed on pulverization, arrangements to return after a large number of years in the North.

Series Storyline :

In the legendary mainland of Westeros, a few effective families battle for control of the Seven Kingdoms. As struggle emits in the kingdoms of men, an old adversary rises by and by to undermine every one of them. In the interim, the last beneficiaries of an as of late usurped administration plot to reclaim their country from over the Narrow Sea.