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Genres : Series | Romance | Comedy

Release Date : Sep 22,1994

Language : English

Total Episodes : 238

Ratings: 7.3 / 10 from 3 users

Takes after the lives of six 20-something companions living in Manhattan.


Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffay are all companions, living off of each other in the heart of New York City. Throughout ten years, this normal gathering of mates experiences monstrous commotion, family inconvenience, past and future sentiments, battles, chuckles, tears and astonishes as they realize what it truly intends to be a companion.

Latest EpisodeSeason 10 Episode 20 - The Last One 2


Series Parental Guide

nudity Some adult humor and language as well as references to adult situations. Many mild to moderate sex references. References to sexual situations, drugs, and sexual orientation. Some nudity though nothing too graphic and mentions of sexuality in relation to the body. One of the main themes of the show is romance and relationship, but nothing too explicit is ever shown. Many passionate kisses between characters. In some episodes, characters are shown in bed together before or after sex, but as always nothing is ever shown. Joey is a womanizer and often sleeps with the people he dates. Joey sleeps with countless women throughout the series and then never calls them, which may send a negative message to children. Chandler's dad is gay and there are some homophobic jokes that Chandler himself is gay (though he is not). It is implied that Phoebe is attracted to women, such as being tempted to ask Ross and Monica's hot cousin on a date. However, she is only shown to date men. There is a running joke throughout the series that the six friends spy on 'ugly naked guy' from Monica's apartment window. One of Ross's ex-wives divorced him after having an affair with a woman and discovering she was lesbian. Some homophobic jokes. There are a few nude scenes in the show, however nothing is explicit is ever shown. In one episode, Chandler enters Monica and Rachel's apartment whilst Rachel is having a shower. Rachel enters the room fully nude, not noticing Chandler. When she sees him, she screams and covers herself up. This scene becomes a running joke and the main plot point of the episode. In another episode, Ross is in bed. Rachel walks in wearing lingerie designed after Princess Leia's golden bikini from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. They are about to have sex until Ross accidentally imagines his mum in the costume due to something Chandler said earlier. This disturbs Ross. In the first part of the Season 5 finale, Rachel is alone in her and Monica's apartment. Phoebe had earlier told Rachel to walk around naked when she is alone. Rachel does so in a scene which lasts for 2-3 minute. She dances by a window naked. Ross sees this from his apartment across the street. Rachel doesn't realize this and continues dancing. Ross mistakes this for Rachel meaning that she wants to have sex. Ross knocks on the door and Rachel gets dressed. She embarrasses Ross when he realizes she didn't want sex. This becomes a running joke in the episode. This is probably the most explicit nude scene of the entire series, however nothing but side-boob and her bare back is shown.
violence Exretemely infrequent comic violence. S5 Ep 8 ("The One with All the Thanksgivings"): Phoebe images herself in the middle of war and an explosion rips her arm off with blood pouring out. It is supposed to obviously be fake and it is only comical however large amounts of obviously fake blood can be seen. Phoebe punches Joey in the face and his nose starts to bleed. A little bit of blood can be seen.
profanity Moderate language: Frequent uses of damn, hell, crap, ass Some uses of bitch, piss, dick, wank, screw, whore,slut In Series 7 Episode 16, (Extended Version), Joey uses the phrase: "Does a Bear Shit in the Woods?" This is the only time in the series when shit is said, however it is not broadcast on TV. Also, there is infrequent uses of British profanities such as bloody, arse and bugger.
alcohol 5/10 Alcohol consumption and characters get drunk sometimes. Some references in dialogue to marijuana, but no use is shown. Characters smoke cigarettes in several episodes; there is a recurring story arc that Chandler is an ex-smoker who frequently lapses under stress. One subplot of one episode is that Ross once lied to his parents about taking drugs and blamed it on Chandler SPOILER Ross and Rachel get drunk and marry in Vegas as well as carry out other drunken antics
frightening No frightening content however there is some infrequent emotional scenes in at least every season once or twice, which can be found intense.

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