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Genres : Series | Action | Comedy

Release Date : Sep 24,2007

Language : English

Total Episodes : 91

Ratings: 7.2 / 10 from 86 users

Chuck is an American action-comedy/spy-drama television series created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. The series is about an "average computer-whiz-next-door" named Chuck, played by Zachary Levi, who receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend now working for the Central Intelligence Agency; the message embeds the only remaining copy of a software program containing the United States' greatest spy secrets into Chuck's brain.

Latest EpisodeSeason 5 Episode 13 - Chuck Versus the Goodbye (Jan 27,2012)


Series Parental Guide

nudity Plenty of innuendos, implied sex, and direct talk about sex are voiced by the various characters throughout the series. Pornography and masturbation is mentioned in passing. Women are frequently shown throughout the seasons in scantily clad outfits that at times reveal part of their buttocks and lots of cleavage along with several scenes in lingerie. Women are shown fighting in revealing/scantily clad outfits in several episodes. Women use their sexuality to manipulate men to get what they want in several scenes. Men are shown staring at women who are wearing revealing clothes and saying sexual things about them. Couples are also seen in bed together implying they have had sex. [Season 3] Compared to Season 2, sexual humor being depicted from the Buy More characters is noticeably less this season. Only two lewd phrases, 'sausage fest' and 'pound town' were uttered in passing by Lester and Jeff, better known as the chief "Buy Morons". Furthermore, the sexual innuendos in these phrases are relatively oblique and hence they may not be readily accessible to younger viewers. [Season 4] There are some mild sexual references in some episodes such as "open your mind to what sex truly is" and "it's a sex-crazy orgy where they dont want you to see their faces". [Season 5] In the final season of 'Chuck', some sexual references occur in a few scenes. For example, in one scene, Casey (a male spy working for Chuck) and Verbanski (female rival spy) are depicted kissing in a room before the screen fades to black. In the subsequent scene, Verbanski is seen buttoning up her shirt, implying that the two of them just had sex. Apart from this, in one of the episodes, Chuck and Sarah stumble upon a nudist cult while making their way through a forested area. Several members of the cult who are nude are seen performing a warming-up exercise. No details can be seen as their breasts and groin areas are 'pixelated'. Chuck and Sarah decide to join the nudists and appear in the next scene without any clothes on them. Similarly, their breasts and groin areas are 'pixelated' so no details of the nudity are depicted. Although no actual nudity is portrayed, the scene's prolonged duration may not be suitable for younger viewers.
violence Frequent martial-arts 'esque fighti scenes are depicted throughout the series. A lot of hand-to-hand combat (including use of weapons such as knives) scenes are also depicted, but these scenes lack blood and gore. When guns are involved, it's slightly more graphic. But it never gets high enough to level with shows like Fringe or NCIS. Some explosions, car chases, car crashes, etc. Despite the dead bodies depicted in the series, it never lingers on them or shows graphic and bloody details. [Season 3] Season 3 has more action sequences than Season 2. Almost every episode has at least one fight scene. However, these scenes tend to be short and milder than Season 2's fight sequences. Most sequences involve fast-paced kicks and punches where the bad guys are quickly taken down. These create the excitement and entertainment without escalating into threatening content for younger viewers. However, there are two key scenes that feature brief medium-shots of bullets explicitly impacting on their victims. The first scene is in 'Episode 13' when Chuck shoots Shaw's chest twice to save Sarah from him. This scene is repeated in dream sequence in 'Episode 16'. The other scene is in 'Episode 17' when Shaw shoots Chuck's father twice in the chest that causes some blood spurting, but the depiction itself is not gory. With consideration to the above, 'Chuck: Season 3' is consumer advised for its various fighting scenes. [Season 4] There are some scenes of mild violence, in the form of hand and leg combat, and gun shooting with little bloodletting. [Season 5] In each episode, the main characters have to fight against various villains, such as spies from other agencies. These combat sequences depict either hand-to-hand (melee) fighting scenes between the characters, or gun battles that contain realistic sound and visual effects. However, these combat sequences are brief and do not contain details such as blood.
profanity Some mild profanity, but nothing too bad. Mild bad language such as 'b*tch' and 'what the hell' are said by the various characters, with the exception of one f*** occurrence in season 5.
alcohol Some scenes depicting social drinking is about as heavy as this series gets.
frightening 'Chuck' is an action comedy about a regular guy who becomes a CIA agent by accident. Chuck Bartowski is a Stanford drop-out computer nerd who works as a tech-staff alongside some colourful and clueless people at a mega electronic mall, Buy More. One day he inadvertently downloads information from an email that transforms him into an Intersect. Being an Intersect, high-level government intelligence and critical fighting skills that have been downloaded into his brain flash into his mind when situations call for them. This makes him a precious cutting-edge asset of the government. To protect and train him, John Casey from the NSA and Sarah Walker from the CIA are assigned to be his handlers. [Season 3] In Season 3's 19 episodes, CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw is assigned to head Chuck's training program to ensure that Chuck becomes a full-fledged spy. While Chuck trains and barely passes his tests, Shaw becomes Chuck's rival for Sarah's love and later, Chuck's nemesis, when he turns into an agent of an enemy spy-organisation, The Ring. Many heart-wrenching moments await 'femme fatale' Sarah, but they finally help her realize that her love lies with Chuck. Meanwhile, Casey goes through his personal roller-coasters too, as this consummate American patriot is dismissed for treason and finds out that his ex-fiancée is alive and has a young adult daughter by him. Morgan, Chuck's best friend and Buy-More colleague, is inducted into "Team Bartowski" under the CIA almost as accidentally as Chuck was. Chuck's family; his sister Ellie and her husband Devon, a.k.a 'Captain Awesome', and Chuck's father Steven become increasingly embroiled in Chuck's secret life. They become instrumental in the season finale which ends with Chuck defeating The Ring, and uncovering even more surprising truths about his "accidental" secret life as a spy. The comedy and action in 'Chuck: Season 3' are generally family-friendly. The focus of Season 3 lies in plot developments revolving around the spy-world. Humor this season thus tends to arise from these developments. [Season 4] In Season 4, Chuck continues his spy work behind his sister's back and decides to search for his long missing mother, Mary, who is believed to be a rogue agent working for the villainous international arms dealer Alexei Volkov. However, she is later found to be working undercover to gather criminal evidence of Alexei and is rescued by Chuck. Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah decide to get married and prepare for the wedding while Chuck's sister, Ellie, gives birth to a baby girl and also discovers a computer given to her by her dead father, which contains some secrets. By the end of the season, Chuck and Sarah tie the knot. [Season 5] 'Chuck: The Complete Fifth and Final Season' is an action-comedy series revolving around Chuck and his team of spies working together in a private spy organization called Carmichael Industry. The team sets up their headquarters at the basement of the Buy-More mart and work as undercover employees of the 'hypermart'. However, without both the Interesect and the CIAs support, Chuck and his team learn to rely on one another, and to use their individual strengths, to overcome the challenges that they have to face in each mission. Time and time again, the team has to put their lives in dangerous situation, eventually leading them to cast doubts over whether they should be continuing their spy careers. Never frightening, but some of the life or death situations might be intense. There is always something at stake and something to lose, usually at the end of each season. RECOMMENDED AGE: 12+ Rated TV-14 for intense sequences of gun and hand-to-hand violence and peril, sexual references and language

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