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Births Marriages and Deaths

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Release Date : Feb 22,1999

Language : English

Total Episodes : 4

Ratings: 10 / 10 from 1 users

No description available. Awards: 1 nomination. ,

Alan, Graham and Terry have been best mates since primary school. Now pushing forty, the three friends are still inseparable and celebrating the impending marriage of Terry to his pregnant girlfriend Pat.Naturally, Alan and Graham are going to give Terry a stag night to remember. But when the boys pay a late night revenge visit to their despised former headmaster, things begin to go disastrously wrong. A tragic accident sets off an unforeseen chain of events revealing terrible secrets.Life will never be the same again.All dressed up in dark suits and shades, looking remarkably like the characters in Tarantino's 'Reservoir Dogs', Alan, Graham and Terry set out on a marathon stag day. All is going well, with a stretch limo at their disposal, copious amounts of champagne and old times lovingly mulled over. But, as the night progresses, the three friends make a decision that is to rebound across the rest of their lives.Stylishly shot and distinctly strange in tone, this serial, written by Tony 'Our Boy' Grounds, showcases the considerable talents of Ray Winstone and Mark Strong. Grounds is billing it as a 'serious comedy'. Viewers who are tired of formulaic drama should welcome the challenge this show presents.Winner of the Best Drama Award at the Broadcast 2000 Awards. The lives of long-time friends Alan, Terry and Graham are turned around after they play a drunken prank on their old headmaster.

Latest EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 4 - Episode 4 (Mar 15,1999)

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Episode 4 - Episode 4 3 Links 1999-03-15
Episode 3 - Episode 3 4 Links 1999-03-08
Episode 2 - Episode 2 7 Links 1999-03-01
Episode 1 - Episode 1 4 Links 1999-02-22

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