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Genres : Series | Adventure | Action

Release Date : Nov 07,2012

Language : English

Total Episodes : 167

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Oliver is captured by Det. Spear who trusts he is the vigilante, Arrow. Accused of a few wrongdoings including murder, Oliver gets Laurel Lance to speak to him - she doesn't believe it's a smart thought however concurs when he declines to go up against any other individual. Restricted to house on safeguard and wearing an electronic lower leg wrist trinket. Oliver has his own particular arrangements which won't just set him free yet stop arms merchant Leo Muller, one of the men on his dad list. Flashbacks uncover Oliver's initial days on the island and his first experience with Edward Fyers whose principle interest is essentially Yao Fei. His refusal to participate abandons him in the hands of Deathstroke.


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Episode Description :

Oliver is blamed for being the hooded bowman and is put under house capture. Additionally, he recalls his time on the island, where he initially met Edward Fyers and Deathstroke.



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Series Description :

Ruined extremely rich person playboy Oliver Queen is missing and assumed dead when his yacht is lost adrift. He returns five years after the fact a changed man, resolved to tidy up the city as a hooded vigilante furnished with a bow.



Series Storyline :

Oliver Queen and his dad are lost adrift when their extravagance yacht sinks, clearly in a tempest. His dad bites the dust, yet Oliver makes due for a long time on an unfamiliar island and in the end returns home. Yet, he wasn't the only one on the island where he learned how to battle and make due as well as of his dad's debasement and corrupt business dealings. He comes back to human advancement a changed man, resolved to put things right. He masks himself with the hood of one of his strange island coaches, arms himself with a bow and starts chasing down the men and ladies who have debased his city.