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American Gods

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Genres : Series | Fantasy | Mystery

Release Date : Apr 30,2017

Language : English

Total Episodes : 15

Ratings: 5.57 / 10 from 10 users

Based on Neil Gaiman's fantasy novel about an ex-con who becomes the traveling partner of a conman who turns out to be one of the older gods trying to recruit troops to battle the upstart deities.

Latest EpisodeSeason 2 Episode 8

Season 2


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Episode 8 - Come to Jesus 10 Links 2017-06-18
Episode 7 - A Prayer for Mad Sweeney 4 Links 2017-06-11
Episode 6 - A Murder of Gods 12 Links 2017-06-04
Episode 5 - Lemon Scented You 13 Links 2017-05-28
Episode 4 - Git Gone 22 Links 2017-05-21
Episode 3 - Head Full of Snow 12 Links 2017-05-14
Episode 2 - The Secret of Spoon 12 Links 2017-05-07
Episode 1 - The Bone Orchard 40 Links 2017-04-30

Series Parental Guide

nudity There are multiple instances of Sex and Nudity throughout the series. Sex scenes containing topless women, full frontal nudity, sexual acts, passionate kissing, and implied oral sex are not uncommon. Season 1: Numerous sexual situations in most episodes. For example, in Episode 1 there is a sex scene in which nude man is shown. Topless female nudity as she moves on top of him. This scene lasts several minutes. In Episode 2, there are several sex scenes in which a woman has sex with different men and women. Several different women are shown topless and nude only from the side. Passionate kissing between the woman and her male and female lovers is shown as well as sexual movement. Eventually, the woman sucks each one of her partners inside her. Afterwards, full frontal female nudity is shown for about ten seconds as the woman lies on the bed alone. Also, a close-up picture of a man's aroused genitals (prosthetic) is shown twice. In Episode 3, a woman gives a man oral sex, but only his facial expressions and the top of her head is shown.
violence There are multiple occasions of bloody violence throughout the series. Season 1: Bloody violence is a common theme across the season. The most explicit examples include In Episode 1 multiple men have their eyes gouged swiftly with a hot knife. Several vikings engage in a bloody melee. Graphic blood and gore is shown, but the camera cuts fairly swiftly away. Among the gory images glimpsed are: a man's head split in half by a sword blow in a shower of blood, a man's severed arm flying free from his body and spinning through the air while spraying blood, and many bloody impalings and stabbings. In Episode 4, a fight sequence is portrayed involving a great deal of gore. A man has his head knocked off with blood spray. A man has a gory hole punched through his chest and the camera does not blink as a fist bursts out his back. A woman has her arm whacked with a crowbar. A man is graphically split in half and his organs and spine are visible. Much blood is shown flying in all directions throughout this scene even when the actual violence is not visible.
profanity Many f-words, s-words, obscenities and profanities. Infrequent uses of the c-word occur as well.

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