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13 Reasons Why

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Genres : Series | Drama | Mystery

Release Date : Mar 31,2017

Language : English

Total Episodes : 21

Ratings: 7.14 / 10 from 116 users

After a teenage girl's perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic choice.

Latest EpisodeSeason 2 Episode 8

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Episode 13 - Tape 7, Side A 44 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 12 - Tape 6, Side B 4 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 11 - Tape 6, Side A 24 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 10 - Tape 5, Side B 4 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 9 - Tape 5, Side A 4 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 8 - Tape 4, Side B 4 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 7 - Tape 4, Side A 16 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 6 - Tape 3, Side B 4 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 5 - Tape 3, Side A 24 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 4 - Tape 2, Side B 4 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 3 - Tape 2, Side A 7 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 2 - Tape 1, Side B 10 Links 2017-03-31
Episode 1 - Tape 1, Side A 100 Links 2017-03-31

Series Parental Guide

nudity The series involves numerous sexual situations/dialogue in almost every episode. There are some occasions of depictions of sex acts, rape, and masturbation. The only actual nudity involves male buttocks. Season 1: Sexual situations/dialogue is very common. There are some instances of sexual acts without explicit nudity. The most potential extreme item occurs in Episode 12 where a girl is raped from behind, this scene is around 2 minutes long towards the end of the episode. The sex scene is very disturbing. No nudity is shown, just thrusting and the victim's face. Other example of less extreme nature involve teens having sex in a park (Episode 2), an implied masturbation scene with no nudity (Episode 4), and a couple of boys show their butts in a mocking manner (Episode 5).
violence The overall graphic nature of violence and gore escalates as the series progresses. Early episodes involve various fights among characters but as the series progresses the violence becomes much more triggering. Season 1: There is relatively little to no Violence and Gore in early episodes. For example, in Episode 2 a girls slaps her friend. But as the season continues the violence and gore intensifies. For example, in Episode 5 there is a scene involving suicide. This is graphic and brief, but is only a dream. Teen suicide, with various bloody dream sequences starts to become more common and graphic. The fights, which werent super violent early in the season are more violent and graphic. Most notably, in Episode 13, there is a very graphic, bloody and disturbing scene. This scene is very emotional and hard to watch.
profanity A lot of cursing and derogatory terms used throughout the season. Slut, whore, referring to someone as 'easy', bitch, shit, fuck.
alcohol Alcohol, drugs and smoking are not uncommon throughout the series. While its not the primary focus, there is underage drinking and drug use. Season 1: There are multiple instances of Alcohol, drugs and smoking. For example in Episodes 1 and 2 there is teenage drinking at a party, including challenges to drink more. In Episodes 4 and 8 there is drug use at school. There are other instances of drinking and drugs in later episodes as well.
frightening **THIS SHOW IS EXTREMELY TRIGGERING AND GRAPHIC. IF ANYTHING WHILE WATCHING THIS, YOU NEED TO STAY SAFE. NEVER RISK YOUR MENTAL HEALTH OVER A TV SHOW/ANY ENTERTAINMENT. THERE ARE TRIGGER WARNINGS WITH TIMESTAMPS ALL OVER THE INTERNET, AND YOU CAN FIND ONE IF YOU NEED IT. STAY SAFE.** The issue of rape is dealt with a lot in the last 4 episodes, once discovered in episode 9 with can stress some viewers. The issue is not dealt lightly and it is not presented in a rather daunting way. Hannah's suicide scene lasts for a few minutes. There is a lot of blood and is the most graphic, painful scene of the series so far. It may be triggering or upsetting to viewers who have dealt with Hannah's situation. A boy is also seen by the audience with a hidden collection of weaponry. This may suggest something dark & ominous will happen in the future. Suggested MPAA rating: R for disturbing material involving sexual assaults and a graphic scene of suicide, language throughout, sexuality, drinking, and drug use - all involving teens Suggested TV rating: TV-MA LSV (Suggestive dialogue, coarse or crude language, strong sexual situations, violence) Suggested Age Rating: 15-17+ depending on the child watching and with parental discretion. Graphic content includes sexual assault, suicide, fist fights, language, drug use, underage drinking, insults such as "cum dumpster", self harm, as well as the fact that the show revolves around grief and suicide.

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