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Genres : Series | Drama

Release Date : Feb 15,2016

Language : English

Total Episodes : 8

Ratings: 0 / 10 from 0 users

A secondary teacher heads out back so as to avert John F. Kennedy's death.


An educator finds a period entry that prompts October 21st, 1960 and goes on a journey to attempt and keep the death of John F. Kennedy, which is entangled by the nearness of Lee Harvey Oswald and the way that he's experiencing passionate feelings for the past itself.

Latest EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 08 - The Day in Question (Apr 04,2016)

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Episode 08 - The Day in Question 6 Links 2016-04-04
Episode 07 - Soldier Boy 4 Links 2016-03-28
Episode 06 - Sacrifice 8 Links 2016-03-21
Episode 05 - The Truth 4 Links 2016-03-14
Episode 04 4 Links 2016-03-07
Episode 03 - Other Voices, Other Rooms 4 Links 2016-02-29
Episode 02 - The Kill Floor 4 Links 2016-02-22
Episode 01 - The Rabbit Hole 4 Links 2016-02-15

Series Parental Guide

nudity Episode 1: Brief glimpse of a couple making out and thrusting, fully clothed up against a wall. (occurs when main character goes upstairs in a club/restaurant) Episode 3: A scene in a bar/strip club shows a dancer on stage in a skimpy bikini with a view of her on all fours leaning forward and other views of her standing including some views of her buttock (possibly a thong)... there is also a scene of a man with a girl who has a russian accent flirting in a bedroom which turns into heavy making-out laying on the bed with views of them taking each others clothes off and the man shirtless on top of her with heavy breathing (no nudity as they are interrupted with noises in the attic) Episode 4: A scene of a man and woman dancing by candlelight and the woman take off her jacket and shirt - she is shown in a thin lacy camisole, they kiss and then seen from outside the window they move out of view. (sex implied) They are shown the next morning in bed - she in her lace camisole and he is shirtless. (He is also shown standing in boxer shorts)..... another scene shows a brother with several women in skimpy clothing, some in thongs and bras - women taking men back in rooms to have sexual relations and there are a few various portraits and paintings on the wall depicting nude/topless women as well..... in a scene where a guy in monitoring the recordings he hears sexual moaning between a man and woman.
violence Ep. 1 - In the very beginning of the episode, a flashback shows a child's entire family being slaughtered with a sledge hammer. Most of it is off screen, however it shows a dead young girl covered in blood and several scenes of blood splattering onto the wall. A man coughs up blood into a napkin. In another scene, a car wrecks and a woman goes through the windshield an into the road. Her face has been bloodied and has scratches on it. Later on, a man slaughters a trapped cow with a sledge hammer. Although this is off screen, it is implied and you hear the scream of the cow. Ep. 2 - A man beats his wife, giving her a black eye. In another instance, a man is seen holding his wife to the wall and the bone in her forearm is sticking out from her skin, covered in blood. It is clear the husband inflicted the injury. Later on, a man is shot in the chest. From this gunshot entails a basic fistfight, with most of the shots too dark to see any blood. After the fight, a man is choked to death directly in front of the camera with a wire. Ep. 3 - No intense violence or gore in this episode. One instance of a bloody nose, and later on, a fist fight.
profanity 11 F words in Episode 1, along with other milder profanities such as the s-word.
alcohol Social drinking. Due to the era, people smoke.

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